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MINTR Airdrop for UniLayer(LAYER) Holders

MINTR is the first decentralised NFT marketplace for B2B and B2C with art galleries, museums, auction places and workshops.

MINTR is a non-custodial NFT marketplace where users have complete control of their NFTs at all times, without the need of trusting a third party. The MINTR NFT marketplace backend runs on smart contracts which ensures the platform runs safely and autonomously.

How to claim the MINTR airdrop?

A CLAIM button on the MINTR website homepage will be enabled, where you will be able to claim MINTR tokens if you meet the below requirements:

  • You must hold a minimum of 1000 LAYER tokens at the time of the snapshot to qualify for the MINTR airdrop.

  • You must hold your LAYER tokens on your Metamask wallet (ETH) or any other self custody wallet, hardware wallet where you have full control of your private key(All Exchanges addresses are excluded from this airdrop) and also if you are staking your LAYER you’re also eligible to claim the MINTR airdrop as long as you were staking more than 1000 LAYER at the time of the snapshot

  • You must hold 1000 LAYER tokens on any of the following blockchains: (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Huobi Eco Chain)

  • The snapshot will be taken sometime in July, this time around we won’t be announcing the exact date to try to mitigate a huge sell off/dump and reward true LAYER holders.


Everyone that is a LAYER holder or a staker will be able to claim at the following rate:

1 LAYER = 0.50 MINTR

MINTR will have a max supply of 100,000,000 tokens

Dev wallets are excluded from this airdrop, MINTR tokens can only be claimed with the circulating supply for LAYER:

20,025,123 LAYER (circulating) * 0.50= 10,012,561 MINTR to be claimed

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